Update 11 is live!

Update 11 is live!

This update is primarily an optimization update. Nearly all models have had their poly count reduced dramatically and the landscape itself is optimized. The foliage has also been thinned out slightly to increase performance.

The result on test computers is a 30% reduction in RAM usage and 30% reduction in load times. Results may vary on other computers but this should allow a much larger player base to test Windstone as previously a relatively high end computer was necessary.

RAM usage should not exceed 8gb. It is still fairly high but much better than before and I will continue to work towards reducing this. The primary reason is that the entire world of Windstone is seamless. There are ways to keep the illusion of seamlessness while actually having sections of the island only load in when you are close enough to that area in a similar way that Ark: Survival Evolved works. As this version is being tested my primary focus will be integrating a similar “seamless” landscape loading system into Windstone.

One major bug was also fixed where if you loaded a game without ever saving (essentially loading the very first auto save which happens when you first load into a new game after the intro text) all loot baskets would be empty.


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Update 11 Delay

Update 11 will be delayed due to unforeseen compiler errors. The newly optimized build of Windstone runs great on my end, but when I package it for distribution there are errors that cause the build to fail. I believe these errors are due to broken redirectors which are trying to find and load objects that have been deleted from the project. Once these errors are fixed I will upload the new build. It should not take more than a day or two.


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Massive Optimizations in Progress

After the first couple weeks of open alpha testing it has become apparent that Windstone is very resource intensive and needs to be optimized greatly. Windstone loads fast and runs great on most high end PCs but some testers must lower their settings drastically or can’t even load the game. This is mostly due to the world of Windstone being enormous and completely seamless.

In an effort to drastically reduce the minimum requirements of Windstone many assets and the landscape are going through a complete overhaul. The overall poly count is being reduced by many hundreds of millions and the landscape itself is going to be slightly decreased in size. This is almost complete and the update should be live for testing in a few days.

These optimizations have been done in a way that is almost entirely visually unnoticeable. Much care has been taken to reduce the poly count of assets without changing their appearance. If all goes well, Windstone should appear almost exactly the same visually but load faster and run at a higher frame rate.

After the next update goes live, subsequent testing will determine whether development can continue as planned or require even more drastic optimizations. The development vision for Windstone is to keep the world as large as possible and seamless which pushes the limits of the UE4 engine in many ways.


Originally posted @ https://threshold-seven.itch.io/windstone/devlog/32638/massive-optimizations-in-progress

Game updates December 2017.

Various fungi have been added which tie into the mental and physical gameplay mechanics. The edible mushrooms have different effects, such as causing or preventing drowsiness and mental clarity. Some are also poisonous, but might be worth eating when the benefit outweighs the cost.

The cave system has been populated with light-emitting crystals to help guide the player in some areas of the cave.

New Creature

A new creature has been added to the game. A description by the developer:

“It’s inspired by the Tardigrade, also known as a Water Bear, a microscopic animal that’s classified as an extremophile, which can live in extreme conditions and is nearly impervious to death. In The Last Makaran, it’s about as big as a Grizzly Bear”

Screenshot below.

Promotional video for future Kickstart campaign.

The developer have posted a promotional video on youtube.

Published on Nov 1, 2017

The Last Makaran is an open world survival exploration game with story elements. It is a permadeath game and open ended. You can hunt, forage, build and craft to prove how long you can survive the elements and dangerous wildlife even after completing the story objectives.

I started developing The Last Makaran early in 2016. I make all the models and animations in Blender and use the Unreal game engine (UE4). I also compose and produce the soundtrack which is used in this video.

The Last Makaran is currently in a fully playable Alpha state.

All main mechanics are already implemented such as crafting and building, weapons and combat, armor and clothing, hunting, foraging and harvesting, traps, enemy AI and dynamic survival mechanics such as hunger, thirst, body temperature, stamina and overall health.

The Last Makaran has a full day/night cycle, sleep mechanics and keeps track of your progress and total time survived. Save slots are implemented as well as graphics and audio options.

Other elements that I plan to add are more survival mechanics including body weight, mental health and fatigue (now implemented as of 1/10/18) as well as fleshing out the objective/story elements, creating more wildlife, adding to the already sizable landscape and much more.

I plan on launching the Kickstarter soon (mid January 2018) and hope to have the game ready for release in a year or so.

I am making The Last Makaran completely on my own. You can join the development journey by following me on twitch where I will stream the process. I will also occasionally upload my twitch dev streams to YouTube.

A big thanks to Martin for creating and managing this website!



More information will be posted as soon as it is available.