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Version 8 Notes

Version 8 is live!

You may need to start a new save for this update to work properly.

  • Your Dragon Hatchling now needs to be fed raw meat and given water. It sleeps when you do but does not get hungry or thirsty as it sleeps. This is intended as part of a "hibernation" mechanic that will become more apparent when you have the ability to have multiple Dragons and other creatures under your care.
  • Your hatchling can also be damaged by wildlife. Only the Formicans will actively seek out and attack the hatchling, but Ostris and Tardigrades can damage it passively if they are attacking you and the hatchling gets in the way.

  • The portable shelter will now keep you warm. You can sleep in it during the night without a campfire but it will not increase your body temperature as much as a campfire will.
  • The K key (screenshot mode) now also hides the objective compass. K has also been added to the key command options menu.
  • Eating a Blue Cap Mushroom will now automatically make arrows and darts glow for a period of time instead of having to toggle it on. Toggle F or left alt to turn "mushroom sight" on and off.
  • 4 villages have been added relatively close to the starting area. (Location spoilers follow) 2 are close to the shore to the east and west of the starting area and consist of 4 huts, each with loot baskets and other items. The other 2 additional villages are in the valley that leads to the center of the island. These villages consist of 5 huts each with loot and a drinking well. (More spoilers)There were already 5 other villages, some secluded huts and the main temple city on the floating island with many stone buildings and huts with loot baskets already on the map. All loot baskets spawn random loot.
  • The drinking wells on the map have been altered so you can look deep down into them instead of just seeing the grass landscape inside them.
  • The following intermittant issues with the inventory and basket menus have been fixed: Tab not closing inventory. Mouse scroll not working. White empty icons where items should be. Extra mouse click needed to focus some buttons and icons.
  • Loading % has been added to the loading screen along with a print string for debugging stalls.
  • Loading times have been optimized slightly. How things load has been changed significantly which is one of the reasons this update may cause you to need to start a new save. This is a work in progress and loading times will continue to be optimized.
  • An issue has been fixed where the pause menu would reset music volume.
  • Default music volume has been lowered and will automatically play less frequently when not muted. More music and ambient tracks are in the works.
  • Some minor changes have been made to the landscape and some textures have been optimized.
  • An issue where the hatchling would sometimes spawn waist-deep in the landscape has been fixed.
  • AI pathing on the hatchling and other wildlife is improved. They might be more "jumpy" again but will get stuck on terrain less and be able to get themselves unstuck more often.
  • An issue has been fixed where aggressive wildlife could occasionally still damage you and make sounds after being killed.
  • An issue with completed objectives not saving properly is fixed.
  • Journal info has been changed and added to.
  • Punching while holding a torch is deactived due to a bug. This will be fixed in the future as well as adding the ability to swing the torch as a weapon.

Thanks for playing Windstone!

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