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Version 9 Notes

Version 9 is live! Gliders and faster sleeping!

  • All known issues with loading a save slot should be fixed except an issue which can be fixed with a reload as a temporary workaround. If your current quests do not load correctly when loading from a slot on the main menu, simply loading the slot again through the options menu in game should fix it. This issue is being worked on as a priority.
  • A glider has been added to the Building Bushcraft Menu. Collect 8 cured antelope hide, 16 Bamboo and 32 cordage to craft. When the glider is in your inventory, press G after jumping to activate the glider.
  • Sleeping is much faster now due to removing the need for the game to automatically reload during sleep.
  • Sleeping now autosaves immediately when you sleep (this happens instantly and should not cause any stall) If you reload this automatic save, you will load in right before you slept.
  • Mushroom sight now persists through sleeping if you have eaten a Blue Cap mushroom recently enough.
  • The Crafted Basket weight is reduced to be slightly less than its recipe components for consistency.
  • The pick-up collision sphere of the Branch is slightly increased in size to make it easier to pick up.
  • The Poncho icon in the Repair/Salvage/Unequip menu is updated.
  • Bamboo texture is updated.
  • Added Cordage to the Cot and Building recipes.
  • A change has been made to the Formican AI that should keep it from intermittently falling through the landscape upon death. Once this is verified as stable through testing feedback, the same preventative code will be added to the other creatures.

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