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Planned Features

Below is a list of features I plan on implementing. Unless otherwise specified they are loosely listed in order of priority, first being most important.

  1. Dragon Mechanics - Currently the dragon is simply a means of flying transportation, a great  convenience but lacking in immersive mechanics. Your first egg will not only need to be kept warm, but also kept safe. If a formican breaks one, you will have to find another. The hatchling will also need to be fed and will be susceptible to death. The juvenile will also need to be fed but will not be as helpless. It will fight back and will feed itself on lesser animals. An adolescent and adult Dragon will also be added as well as other friendly and not-so-friendly dragons. There will be lots of biting and claws and fire.
  2. Building mechanics - The portable shelter and Modular hut will provide warmth and be susceptible to damage. Currently they just look nice, are fun to build and can offer a bit of defense by simply being a solid object between you and an enemy but it can also become a death trap if you get swarmed.  Stone Structures will also be added as well as streamlining the current placement mechanics which are currently a simple "no clip" placement. The plan is to add "snapping" and the ability to quickly toggle snapping and no clip on and off.
  3. More objectives - The tutorial will be fleshed out and new main objectives will be added after the dragon egg is found. NPCs will be added.
  4. More creatures and additional mechanics to current creatures -  Taming will become a major feature of WINDSTONE.
  5. Ocean and Water mechanics - raft and canoe building, swimmy things, goodies in the deep.
  6. Leveling System - Currently you passively gain strength and health when you level. Many things are affected but it is currently all behind the scenes. I will add a menu that shows what is actually being affected when you level up, possibly add a point system to let you distribute points while you level and lock some crafting recipes behind level and point barriers. All subject to change of course.
  7. Glider - definitely a glider.
  8. Landscape world building - If you explore around you will find that there are lots of areas populated with trees, small villages dotted around the map and loot of all kinds, but there is much more of the map that is barren so these barren area naturally are easier to find and you may think the map is empty. Well, much of it is, but this will change soon. The Island on the SW of the map is a priority and eventually I will add fire lands and ice land biomes as well as underwater worlds and a vast cave system with a huge underground ocean.
  9. More crafting - Stone and obsidian are just a start. There will be copper and bronze.
  10. Tables and shelving and stuff and things for huts - Although you can place all your goodies in storage baskets, you can also already place all items wherever you want by holding the RMB and using Q, E and mouse scroll to manipulate their position. There just isn't really anywhere to put them besides on the ground or your cot right now. More places and things will be added for those that like to do more than just throw everything into storage containers.
  11. Throwing weapons - Most current weapons will have the ability to be thrown. Bolas may be introduced when I begin implementing the taming system, but using the Blow Gun and poison darts will be the main instrument of initiating a tame.
  12. Tree felling animations and regrowth - Trees now disappear after they have been harvested enough, but they will be able to grow back.
  13. Gardening - planting herbs and edibles.
  14. Mushroom concoctions using the mortar and pestle
  15. AI fighting each other
  16. Crafted Drinking Well
  17. Tardigrade Armour Set
  18. More sound effects (waterfall and seaside SFX are a high priority as well as spreading out the current jungle sounds for day and night more around the map)
  19. The campfire will have its own menu
  20. I really really want to, dare I say, add a co-op mode. This will take a ton of time and a ton of resources to implement but it is definitely on my mind.

There are more features I want to implement and some I probably forgot that I'm currently working on but that list is large enough. I will be hammering away on it and will only diverge if there are major issues that arise or pleas from the community to work on other features.

Below is a Road Map organized and condensed into categories.

Please choose the category or specific feature that you would like to see implemented first and reply below.  I plan on implementing all these feature but I would like to have the community influence the direction of development.


1. Dragon Keeper Mechanics: Protecting the egg and hatchling, feeding, combat, adolescent and adult stages, more dragons

2. Building Mechanics: Expansion to the current portable shelter and modular hut, defense/durability mechanics, stone structures, placement mechanics, tables, shelves, anything related to building

3. Tasks, Objectives and Character Leveling: More expansive tutorial, more hunting and foraging tasks, expanding on the main quests, NPCs, expanding the character level mechanics, point attribution

4. Creatures and Wildlife: More creatures, mounts, companions, taming mechanics, AI additions and refinement, AI fighting eachother

5. Sea and Air: Crafted Raft, Canoe, Glider and applicable mechanics

6. World Building: Biomes, caves, ocean and general development of the entire landscape

7. Crafting Expansion: mushroom concoctions and other recipes, unique menus for the campfire and mortar and pestle, copper and bronze tiers, crafted drinking well, more armour

8. Farming and Gardening: Tree regrowth, Tree falling/rock breaking animation, planting all types of resources (herbs, gourds, saplings, mushrooms etc.)

9. Character Customization: Hair, skin and eye color, Tattoo variations, Female player character, Third person view.


The first categories the developer plan on implementing are 1 and 5.

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