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Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues and bugs with WINDSTONE that are being worked on. Fixed issues will be removed from the list below and noted  in Update and patch logs.

  • Egg Incubation time is not affected correctly by a campfire
  • Walk animation does not trigger when on top of a hut roof built by player
  • Occasionally lighting in temple labyrinth goes all wonky at night if a torch is not lit
  • AI hasn't learned to swim correctly even though they have been given lessons
  • Ostri attack damage doesn't always sync with their attack animation
  • The Survival bow clips through hands when walking on slopes
  • Memory spike on load. (should stabilize to 4 gb memory usage after a short time)
  • Funky concentric circles in the sky at night starting from the center of the screen.  This is a bug not a feature.
  • Z-fighting between the water and land on the shore when viewed from a very far distance.

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