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Silly Question lol

Right I've made a cot how do I set it down I've tried everything and does not let me, it just does not let me equip it 🙁

Hey @Dargeth,

After you have created the cot and it is in your inventory, right click on the cot and choose drop. This will drop it into the world, and to move it around, point at it and hold the right mouse button to move it around. When you release the right mouse button, the cot will be placed where you moved it to.


Hope that helps you out.

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Thanks that helped, what i cannot find is bamboo 🙁



If you go to the forest on the right from the starting point, you should be able to find some bamboo, near a patch of hemp.


Edit: There are also some "lets play" videos of the game on youtube, so if you are looking for further hints, I would recommend checking them out. The most recent video I could find just doing a search is located here, and if you want to see more, check out this search result.

You can of course always ask questions here, or over at the Windstone community on

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