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Version 1-5 notes

Version 1-5 notes (see more posts below for more recent update Versions)


  • All icons now have a dark grey background
  • Harvesting with bare hands will complete the tutorial objective
  • The wild gourd, and trap models are updated.
  • A few new item icons have been added. They are transitioning
    from the old set of icons to a new set and should all be complete and uniform within a week
  • More ambient night and day jungle sound effects have been added to developed areas
  • Added ocean SFX  along the sea shore
  • Waterfall SFX  to the waterfalls
  • More branches and stones are near the starting area
  • Footstep SFX are slightly lowered
  • More rocks, foliage and edible plants are underwater near the starting area
  • The bridge by the waterfall has been adjusted to make it less dangerous. Previously you could walk right off the edge of the bridge to your death if you were not above water, but now you have to crouch to get under the rope railing or jump over it
  • UI health meters and equip hotbar can now be toggled on and off with the H and B keys.
  • Punching while barehanded or with a gauntlet is added.
  • Punching has a chance to harvest from trees and boulders but will harm you if you don't have a gauntlet equipped. Collecting this way will not currently complete the tutorial objective tasks (you still have to find the item on the ground to complete the task), but this will be fixed.
  • Punching does more damage to enemies with a gauntlet equipped. With a gauntlet equipped, you will not take damage from harvesting or attacking with punches, but the durability of the gauntlets will wear out.
  •  Boulders now have a chance to spawn a shard instead of a stone.
  • All melee weapons and tools can now be used to harvest from trees and boulders at a lower rate but the appropriate tools are much more efficient.
  • Objectives are tweaked for clarity and the compass has been added to some of the initial tasks to help you find your first crafting items.
  • Two new crafting objectives added: Dragon glass (obsidian) located in the water above and below the waterfall and Dart Thorns located high in the mountains (for poison darts).
  • The overhead world map has been modified to show what parts of the island are the most developed and what parts are mostly still in development. You can explore the grey areas but they are a barren landscape. Most of the light areas have trees, boulders, foliage, loot, enemies etc.
  • More items such as mushrooms, fallen branches, hemp, loot baskets and stones have been added to the map. Some items are widespread and sparse but there are dozens or hundreds of every item in the developed area.
  • The ocean physics have been slightly tweaked so you are now able to swim with you head above water more easily. Getting out of water should be easier as long as the shore slope is low enough
  • The popup for obtained items has been increased by .5 seconds.
  • All AI should not jump around as much when not aggressive.
  •  Antelope should not get stuck on terrain as much when fleeing and it's jump has been reduced.
  • Some foliage and landscape has been repositioned. This will be an ongoing process as the world is developed and may not be mentioned in every update.
  • Battle music should only play when in close enough distance to an aggressive enemy. Toggle music on and off with the N key.
  • Music settings should now persist through sleep saves and manual saves.
  • Footstep SFX on stone are louder.
  • Fixed an issue where the waterfall SFX could sometimes be heard very far away from the waterfall. Waterfall SFX attenuation has been tweaked.
  • Fixed an issue where a crafted cot would sometimes disappear when dropping on the ground from the inventory while standing on a steep slope.
  • Fixed an issue where drinking SFX would not initiate when drinking from a well.
  •  Dragon should be much less likely to get stuck.
  • Texture has been added to some loose rock assets where it was previously missing.
  •  A few new inventory icons for items have been added.
  •  Draw distance of some trees has been increased.
  • Some trees and boulders that were not affecting AI navigation have been fixed.
  •  Lashing color on the obsidian arrow has been corrected

(Edited to contain fixes from previous versions that were previously only in the devlog)

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