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Version 6 Notes

Version 6 Notes:

  • Optimized loading time and memory usage slightly. This will continue to be optimized.
  • Wildlife should spawn slightly farther away from the player and should spawn in by the time the player loads in. Previously some wildlife could be seen spawning and dropping to the ground at the start of a new game. You still may witness the "spawn drop" when flying fast on the dragon as your proximity initiates wildlife spawns.
  • Wildlife should no longer spawn on top of your head. "Should" being the keyword. If you are close enough to a spawn point after the wildlife that belongs to that spawn point has been killed and despawned, a new spawn should not initiate until you have left the proximity.
  • Antelope and Ostri have been given back a revised ability to jump to get unstuck even when they are not fleeing or being aggressive respectively.
  • Music volume during the intro text sequence has been slightly lowered.
  • The title menu has undergone a slight overhaul. Colors and assets have been tweaked and the formicans on the title menu have had changes to their ai to help them from getting stuck on stuff and things.
  • All formicans in the title menu and in game have had their walk animation slightly tweaked to more closely match their vector.
  • The Blue Cap Mushroom Task now begins immediately at the start of a new game. An exploit is fixed where you could previously drop a mushroom and pick it up again to "find" another one. The same fix has been applied to the obsidian and the dart thorn plant.
  • The counter at the top of the inventory menu has been slightly modified to reflect that it is not only a counter of how long you have survived but also the time of day.
  • Swimming on the surface of water has been tweaked and optimized for all bodies of water except the "moat" on the floating island.  The moat has unique attributes that are a little more difficult to optimize because of it's shape and location. This will be fixed in the future.  Swimming overall is still in development and will undergo many more tweaks, changes and fixes.

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