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Version 7 Notes

Update Version 7 is live!

  • Survival condition meters now save/load correctly after sleeping and manually saving.
  • Opening the Journal now pauses the game.
  • A "Close Journal" button has been added to the Journal.
  • An issue with the Journal has been fixed where the scroll box would lock up.
  • The K key now toggles "screenshot mode" clearing the HUD. This only works as long as you are not in any other menus and the quest compass is not visible.
    Toggling K will also remember if you have the survival meters, equip bar and quests toggled on the HUD.
  • The quest compass is not affected by screenshot mode, but will be in a future update.

  • An issue with the lowest texture setting has been fixed that previously would make parts of the landscape invisible or distorted.
  • Formicans should now be slowed properly by poison darts.
  • Formicans should be less likely to fall through the world upon death when colliding with terrain or the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the Formican's sprinting SFX would play indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue with the Formican's damage output when at extremely close range. He should now eat you properly.
  • Battle music should now start and stop correctly depending on whether or not creatures are aggressive towards you.
  • The Antelope and Ostri have had changes to their movement component and AI. They should now accelerate to max speed over time instead of instantly and get stuck on terrain less.
  • The Blue Cap Mushroom tool tip now correctly states "toggle F" instead of "hold F"
  • A typo has been corrected from "defence" to "defense" in the survival crafting menu, unless you're British, then I just added a typo.
  • A detail has been added to the inventory menu under the character level to show that you do +5% damage and gain +5% defense per level. This is going to be expanded on but there was previously no indication at all of what was actually happening to your character when you level.

Thanks for all the feedback and have fun surviving!

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